Congratulations to our 2014
Hall of Fame Inductees!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your sports.

We appreciate the opportunity to honor the legacy you have left for the East Noble Community.

Luke & Bryce Cox (1995-1999)

It has been observed since the beginning of mankind that twins have a special connection; an ability to think and act as one being, and to recognize and sense what the other is thinking, doing, or feeling at any given point in time.

Luke and Bryce Cox, who grew up in the community side by side and who, as twins undoubtedly share many of the above mentioned qualities, made it seem natural to induct them into the Hall of Fame together.  While all twins share things, few twins ever displayed the athletic ability and excellence in results that the Cox twins did here at East Noble.

Both men were incredibly versatile athletes, with both Bryce and Luke competing in football, soccer, and baseball, but it was in the sport of diving that both made their greatest impact at East Noble High School.

Bryce Cox was a three-time state qualifier in diving, along with being a national qualifier in club diving in both the 1 meter, 3 meter, and platform events.  His high school career was capped with a runner-up finish at the 1999 Indiana State Diving Meet.

Luke Cox was also a three-time state qualifier, and like his brother, was active and successful in club diving.  The greatest honor an individual can achieve in Indiana high school sports is a state championship, and the one diver good enough to beat Bryce Cox in 1999 was Luke Cox, as he captured the state championship in diving!

Both men attended and competed in diving at the University of Michigan, where they helped the Wolverines win a Big Ten Championship.

Bryce Cox also dove at IUPUI in Indianapolis, where he was a NCAA Regional Qualifier, set several records, and was the IUPUI Diver of the Year.

Luke Cox has spent many years passing on the love of diving, along with the skills that made him successful, as a coach, coaching at East Noble High School for three years and at Carroll High school and Middle School for two years.

When asked about memories of their high school careers, it became clear that the Cox boys, both individually and together, were fun-loving athletes who loved to compete and weren’t afraid to remind people that sports are meant to be enjoyed.  Luke remembered that while practicing at the state meet, he and Bryce were doing synchronized diving, and a huge crowd gathered to watch them perform; however, state officials stepped in and told them they needed to stop!

Bryce remembered Luke messing up a dive because of a loud noise that broke his concentration; Luke asked if he could re-do the dive; when they didn’t respond, he asked them “Pretty Please?” drawing huge laughter, and a chance to re-do the dive, which he nailed!

And as fitting for these two athletes, both listed finishing first and second in their senior state diving meet as a highlight; during the awards ceremony, as Luke passed Bryce on his way to the top podium, he pulled him up to the top spot with him, and the two brothers celebrated together, raising their hands to the applause of the state crowd who realized they had witnessed something truly special.

Again, it seems in light of their careers and achievements that it is only fitting to induct these two great athletes together; they have left an indelible mark in the annals of East Noble High School athletics.  Congratulations to Luke and Bryce Cox; we welcome you both to the East Noble High School Hall of Fame!

 Luke and Bryce COX HOF 2014


Phil Yoder (1995-1999)

It has been said that distance running, be it cross country or long distance track events, is an incredibly unique way to measure the human spirit; it requires incredible stamina, a prodigious amount of self-discipline, and the ability to override every survival instinct in your body and mind and keep demanding more of yourself when every fiber of your being is telling you to stop.  Mr. Phil Yoder demonstrated these unique abilities and qualities in an outstanding career that has earned him a spot in the East Noble Hall of Fame.

Phil was incredibly active and successful in a wide variety of athletics; he was a member of the basketball 1997 Conference, Sectional, and Regional Championship teams.  Success in basketball was a precursor to his success in running, both in cross country and track.

In cross country, he was a four-time All-Conference performer, two years on the second team and two on the first team; he was a member of the 1996 Conference, Sectional, and Regional Championship teams; he qualified for the State meet twice, including being a member of the team that finished 7th in the state.  He was also Honorable Mention IATCCC All-State in 1997.

In light of the above accomplishments, it seems difficult to believe that Mr. Yoder was even more successful in track, but the record shows that it was on the track where he was at his most dominant.

An eight-time All-Conference selection, he was selected twice for the 3200 Relay, once for the 800, twice for the 1600, and three times for the 3200.  He was a 5-time Conference champion, being part of the 1998 3200 Relay team which still holds the conference record, along with a senior season that saw him become a conference champion in the 800 and 1600, in addition to being the 3200 Conference champion as both a junior and a senior, setting a time that was a conference record for several years.

In Sectional competition, he was a member of the first Sectional Championship track team at East Noble; as an individual competitor, he was a member of the 1998 Sectional champion 3200 relay; he also was a two-time Sectional champ in the 1600 and a three-time champion in the 3200, winning the event in his sophomore, junior, and senior seasons.

At the Regional level, he was a 2-time Regional champion in the 3200, along with three runner-up finishes.

Phil was a 3-time All-State runner in his main event, the 3200.  He finished in 9th place as a sophomore, he was the State Runner-Up as a junior, and in 1999 Phil Yoder was the State Champion.

At the National level, he finished his high school career with a 6th place finish in the Foot Locker Outdoor National Meet; with such accomplishments, he was selected as the Pop Guyman Award Winner for East Noble High School (awarded to outstanding male athlete) in 1999.

Post-High School, he continued his successful career, running at the University of Arkansas and being a member of teams that won the NCAA Cross Country Championship in 2000 and the SEC Indoor Track Championship in 2001.  He also attended Butler University, where he ran on the cross country squad that qualified for the 2001 NCAA Championships and was a member of conference championship teams in both cross country and track.

Mr. Yoder has continued to be involved with the sports he was so successful in as a competitor, currently teaching at Carroll Middle School, and acting as the head cross country and assistant track coach at Carroll High School.  In 2013 he led the Chargers to Semi-State Cross Country championships for both boys and girls, with the boys finishing 3rd at state, and the girls finishing 7th.  His efforts as a coach led him to be nominated for the IATTTC 2013 Coach of the Year award.

Phil listed winning the state championship in 1999 as his most memorable sports moment, a culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice.  The first sectional track championship he helped win was also a great memory. He also discussed how being involved in multiple sports with multiple coaches had a very positive effect, and how he enjoyed and thrived in the winning culture that permeated all sports and the entire school.

Currently residing in Fort Wayne with his wife Megan and two children, Mr. Phil Yoder has set an incredibly high standard of excellence in athletics here at East Noble High School.  Mr. Yoder, East Noble welcomes you into its Hall of Fame!
Phil Yoder HOF 2014